If you have a clear vision for your upcoming event but, can't make some of the details come to life, Call Sugar!

We scour second hand retailers to use as many upcycled materials as possible. We love making less waste while maintaining our high standards.

I've been photographing weddings in my spare time since 2008, I've been up close and personal with brides on the big day. My skill set makes me good at interpreting your vision, my experience makes me easy to work with during a stressful (but exciting!) time.


R+D (My wedding!)

My husband and I are pretty relaxed people and we wanted our reception to reflect that. We got married in a small quick ceremony at the park and had dinner downtown so, we used nature and the restaurant's decor as is.  Where we got personal was for our picnic reception two days later.  Check it out! I think it's pretty cute but, I may be a little bias ;)


We designed this simple and classy ribbon backdrop to do double duty. During the ceremony it provided the backdrop to the vows. After, a beautiful addition to the head table. It was designed to travel easily as the party was a 3 hour drive from Cleveland. The welcome signage and signature cocktail list were made to be reused as picture frames after the wedding. The couple just scrapes off the words with a blade and they're ready to go.


My cousin got hitched and they asked me to make their alter a little fancier!  This magical backdrop makes coffee filters look downright luxurious!